Red Waffle or Red Pancake Disease Facts

This red waffle condition is also known as red pancake condition. It is one of the fabricated sexually transmitted diseases and it is often assumed that this disease only occurs in women. But this is not the real case, this condition is equally common among men. This STD condition affects your vagina severely. This condition also affects your vaginal lips and labia as well as the clitoris. The rest of the areas of your genitals, they are negatively affected by this red waffles condition too. Your genitals will get swollen and they will become red in their color. In this condition, females scratch their vagina because of intense itching and inflammation. As it is a sexually transmitted infection, that is why during sex or intercourse, this condition or disease gets transferred. Fungi or other sorts of bacteria and virus get start to grow inside your vagina and eventually you become the hard target of this illness read this funny post

Red Pancake Disease Facts

Check out the important facts about the red pancake condition from below details:

Symptoms of Red Pancake Condition

You will notice a lot of soreness around your genitals and there will be constant itching. There will be a smelly discharge and pain during the activity you are having an intercourse. You will also feel nausea or fever and these are the initial signs that red waffle is attacking you. When you notice or right away experience these symptoms then you have to run to the doctor immediately. This is a serious infection and you should not delay its cure and treatment process.

Why Red Pancake Disease Gets Emerge in Your Body?

This red waffle occurs due to unsafe sexual practices. Most of the partners, they do not use condoms and safe sex toys and this negligence in return give them this disease. Usually, this disease gets emerge because of the existence of bacteria present in your body. This bacteria remains there in your genitals and vagina and thus expand the growth of red pancake disease in your vagina. If your sex toys are improperly cleaned then fungi and bacteria will get an opportunity to get enter into your vagina. Bacteria usually grow in the damp areas, and if your vagina will remain wet then there are increased chances that bacteria will make a permanent home in your vagina.

Treatment of Red Pancake Disease

First, your test will be conducted that on which stage you are, it depends on the growth of bacteria and fungi present in your vagina. If you are at the initial stage, then you will come out from this illness condition. On the other side, if the condition of your vagina is quite intense and critical then you have to pass through a detailed treatment.

Prevention- The Best Way to Treat Red Pancake

Hence of all, prevention is one of the best ways to treat this ailment. If you will take care of all the precautionary measures, then you will not ever become the hard target of this red pancake ailment. Always do the prior testing of your vagina so that you can manually check that whether your vagina is infected or not.

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Get Complete Overview On Can Dog Eat Strawberries

If you want to know that  can dogs eat strawberries or not then we are sure that this piece of blog post would be helping you a lot to learn about exactly whether it is safe or not. Strawberries has been named out to be one of the important fruits that are being liked and loved by both animals as well as human beings. It is mentioned as being one of the safe and yet the healthy fruits that are part of dog’s diet plan routine. You should never be serving any fruit on the whole of amount to the dogs. You should always be moderate and small in amount. Make the level best effort as in order to serve the strawberry in small pieces or even better idea would be to stay back in the form of snack topping that can show out with some excellent results on their health as well visit this website

If you have keep dog as the pet animal then you need to stay much conscious in order to catch the food items that are nutrition high for them. You should try to choose such fruits for the dogs that are being high in fats all along with the veggies such as strawberries. You can make it serve to them as in the mix-ins and toppings.

Can Dog Eat Strawberries

Straweberries As Healthy Fruit For Dogs:

  • It is being medically tested by the vest experts that Strawberries do contain the canines that are high in the percentage of fats and also in proteins.
  • It shows greater benefits for the dogs in the conditions of skin as well as muscle strength in physical activities.
  • If you are serving them with strawberries all the time, then make sure that you should be serving them as in the small amount that should be about 10 to 20 percent.
  • You can often think about to make it add up with the fiber-rich vegetables and fruits just like the options of broccoli or apples so that it would keep the dog fuller all the time learn more at this site Dog Carion 

What Types of Strawberries Are Best for Dogs?

                          Below we would be listing down with some of the major types of the strawberries that are regarded to be best for the dogs:

  1. You can think about serving your pet dogs with the fresh or prozen strawberries as best option.
  2. You should keep the dogs away from the category of the canned strawberries or the one that is set in the packing of syrup.
  3. In order to add the dog’s diet plan with the nutrients, then you should be feeding it with the seasonal strawberries.
  4. Flash frozen form of strawberry is best in the winter season.

This was the end of the information as about the discussion that can dogs eat strawberries or not! Well they can, but it would rather be a better option if you would opt for the strawberries that are as in accordance with the season so that it would leave behind any risky outcomes on your dog.

Tactical kilt can give you a commando look

It is a fact that none of us can deny the importance and popularity level of these kilts. They are not only in demand among the people of Scotland and Ireland but they are also liked and loved by men of other countries and nations. It is true that once you will wear this skirt type garment, you will feel some pride in yourself. Here at this page, you will know about the special qualities of this tactical kilt. Though the woolen kilt and leather kilt has their own style and grace but this kilt which is named as the tactical one is also not left behind in terms of style and grace level. If you are opting this outfit then we can say that you are making one of the serious decisions in your life. To get a real sort of commando look, this is the correc outfit for you visit

What kind of men wear these sorts of kilts?

These kilts are worn to praise and admire the freedom of movement

If you are a strong man then you should wear this tactical kilt. It takes only a confident and a bold man to wear this garment. If you are one of the men who likes to appreciate and praise the freedom of movement then you should show that appreciattion by wearing this dress. Once you will jump into this kilt, you will get a refreshing ventilation in your body.

Tactical kilt

These kilts gives you a commando look

It is seen that this tactical kilt is designed mainly for the duty-driven operators and also for the first responders. For other similar kind of professionals, you can wear this kilt. Though it is a  traditional looking kilt, it has just been upgraded in a little bit of way. These kilts also come with the detachable cargo kind of pockets, these garments have these gun magazine compartments and sections in it. It has the reinforced knife clip section and area. It is inducted with the deep front pockets. This kilt is too installed with six in number of belt loops. So in order to get done with your commando jon, this kilt is a must for you.

In what colors these tactical kilts are available?

We have seen that this style and design of kilt is available in wide and varied selection of colors, you can have it in the Black and Coyote color. You can have it in the shade of TDU Green and Tundra and also TDU Khaki. You can buy this garment in the color of Dark Navy and Charcoal as well as in the shade of MultiCam and too Realtree Xtra .

Price of these tactical kilts

This subjected Kilt ranges and have a price from $69.99 till the amount of $79.99. It also depends on the color choice of yours. Yes, it is a little bit of expensive one but if you want to call yourself a real one commando then you have to hit up on this garment straight from the source


Stay tuned with us on this page and we will tell you about the other types and kinds of kilts. It is the time to symbolize your heritage and culture. Become a commando. Have that pride in your personality by wearing this commando outfit. This outfit is also perfect when you are going out for hunting.

Should you choose Civil Engineering?

Working Environment of a Civil Engineer:

The job of civil engineer is not boring like sitting in offices or banks for long hours. These individuals usually work in a variety of locations and work environments. They need to spend their time in outdoor construction sites so that they can see and monitor the ongoing work of workers for the assigned project. These days’ civil engineers also do work in different software in their offices and in site area as well.

Must have knowledge for a civil Engineer:

These specialized individual must know about the auto CAD software and softer related to engineering designs. These individual must discuss various requirements of project with their clients and they have to keep close association with other professionals like construction supervisors, architects, workers and many more. They should think the project according to the environmental conditions of that area. They should have exact idea about the cost of project and its deadline or completion time. They must have knowledge for tender preparation and generating reports for different people such as reports for their clients, public agencies and their employers as well. They need to make sure about the legal details and safety measures of their project. They should be able to work in team atmosphere and they should know how to train junior engineers. They should be attending the workshops of their field because it’s very important for them to have the latest technical knowledge. Did you know which is the highest pay salary in the world, you can browse today salary to know the salary of different professions.

Duties assigned to Civil Engineers:

  • Research, design and analyze the maps, photos, charts and data according to the project
  • Make and present reports on the ongoing projects
  • Manage the working area and train the staff at the project site
  • Perform engineering tasks including designing, planning and construction of projects
  • Performs maintenance of buildings, bridges and other big structures

What is the salary of a Civil Engineer with experience?

We see a positive ongoing trend in salaries of civil engineers with the passage of time. From the beginning they were paid according to their skills so it’s not a low paying profession. The salary of every individual in every field increases with experience and his seniority level and same is the case with civil engineer.

According to the most trusted survey, an entry level civil engineer having experience of less than 5 years should expect to earn yearly total income of $52,000 to $59,000. This total salary is based upon various factors including bonuses and overtime by individuals. These are the approximate values depending on organization and location of the job but it will give you pretty good idea.

A civil engineer with a working experience of 5 to 10 years should expect to earn a yearly income of $60,000 to $72,000. An Engineer having this experience lies between the category of junior level engineer or mid-level engineer.

An experienced civil engineer salary starts from $82,000 and keep in mind it’s the salary of an engineer in this field having 10 to 20 years of working experience.

A senior civil engineer having experience of more than 20 years can expect to earn a yearly compensation of $96,000 to $120,000. It’s the salary range according to senior civil engineer to top end civil engineer where you expect to earn a handsome amount of money. The total earnings of a civil engineer always varies according to different locations and different markets. The place where their demand is more, offer greater opportunities to them as compare to other areas.

All About Juicy J Net Worth

Jordon Michael Houston, better known by his stage name Juicy J, is an American songwriter, record producer, and rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is well-known for his ‘crunk’ rapping style exemplifies by the background sound effects of the songs “stomping” and “heavy breathing”. His production technique renowned for its sharp snares, high notes as well as deep cinematic bass.

Juicy J was a birth of April 5, 1975, in North Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America. He got the recognition after becoming the member of Three 6 Mafia group, which was established in 1991. This 42 years old American songwriter, record producer, and rapper Juicy J has a net worth around $25 million.

Essential Details of Juicy J:

Full name Jordan Michael Houston
Stage name Juicy J
Date of Birth April 5, 1975
Birth Place North Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Age 42 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Musician, Songwriter. Producer, Rapper
Source of Wealth Music
Years of Experience 22 years
Estimated net worth $25 million


Read the article to find out how did the Jordon Michael Houston i.e. Juicy J earns the money and fortune and how did he become the richest rapper?

How Juicy J’s net worth was built?

Successful start of his career: Jordon Michael Houston roses to fame in 1991, after the creation of Three 6 Mafia hip- hop group.  He formed his own entertainment company with the name Prophet Entertainment, along with rapper, DJ Paul, but later on, he left to create another group called Hypnotize Minds. Along with the members, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, Gangsta Boo and Koopsta Knicca, the group released their debut album, Mystic Stylez, in 1995, and subsequently releases eight studio albums after the debut one. Study more and get amazed about trending celebrities net worth at Today Net Worth

Solo career of Jordon Michael Houston: While working on his music with the hip hop group Three 6 Mafia, Juicy J released his first solo album, Chronicles of the Juice Man with the North Records in 2002. After the seven years of debut solo album, in 2009, he released his second solo, Hustle Till I Die, under his own label Hypnotize Minds and Select-O-Hits. However, in next two years, Juicy J becomes serious on starting a solo career and starts doing collaborations with other singers and musicians like Wiz Khalifa and others. Juicy J declares himself as a co-owner of Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Record, and in the Source Magazine, he graced the cover of the magazine, with his new co-owner and A&B representatives.

Before the release of his third studio album, Stay Trippy, he gives his single, “Bandz a Make Her Dance”, which becomes a one super hit song and placed in the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts of United States.

It seems like he strikes gold, after signing the deal with Columbia Records and Kemosabe Records. They, after making the deal, released “Da Unbreakables”, together. After this album, their next album, “Most Known Unknown,” broke into the conventional consciousness with the track “Stay Fly” as the biggest hit.

Soon enough the famous rappers such as The Weeknd, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Big Sean appeared as guest rappers on his album. However, his singles “Show Out,” and “Bounce it,” from the album, Stay Trippy, also met with huge success and fame and when it comes out in 2013, it debuted at the 4th position of Billboard 200, with the sales of 64,000 with in the first week of its release.

Moreover, in 2013, Jordon Michael Houston i.e., Juicy J collaborated with the musician Katy Perry on her famous single, “Dark Horse”, from the album Roar. 2014, was the year when he released his fourth album, The Hustle Continues.

His career saw a dramatic rise when he announced the Never Sober tour of his, and gone to release more solos such as “Low,” featuring Nicki Minaj and “For Everybody,” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

This 42 years old talented rapper, record producer and songwriter of America has been nominated for several times and also won many prestigious and important awards, like the Academy Award for, “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp,” along with his Three 6 Mafia group, Frayser Boy and DJ Paul, over and above the MTV Europe Music Award and American Music Awards for Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”, in his musical career.

In 2006, Three 6 Mafia group has won an Oscar Award for the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song for the track “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” from the picture “Hustle & Flow.”

In recent times, Jordon Michael Houston released a hit single, “Ballin”, featuring Kanye West from the new album of Three 6 Mafia group, Rubba Band Business. This new song is already get hit, after being premiered on the radio show of Zane Lowe’s Beats 1.  The die-heart rap fans are wondering about the overnight success of the song, “Ballin”, and are searching online about Juicy J’s net worth, and become curious about that.

What is the net worth of Jordon Michael Houston? Undoubtedly, Juicy J. has a net worth of $25 million. He has cumulative his wealth and fortune from the sales of his studio albums such as Stay Trippy. This net worth is also a result of receiving an Oscar for the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song for the track “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” from the picture “Hustle & Flow.” However, he has also earned $2 million from the job of record producing.

Apart from having a high net worth and becoming one richest person in America, his net worth is still far away from the matching musician and singer Beyonce.

What is he up to nowadays? The die-heart fans of a talented American rapper, Jordon Michael Houston, everyone wants to know about his next release. Recently, he appeared in the music video of Drake’s song “worst behavior”. However, there is no news about his any upcoming song or album.

And being a humanitarian, recently, for twerking he has established a $50 thousand scholarship.

A Brief Discussion About Steatorrhea

Did you ever listen to the name of Steatorrhea ? Well, if not then you should not be missing out reading this piece of article. Having a greater amount of fats in the feces of the body is known as steatorrhea. It is also sometimes taken to be one of the major signs of the malabsorption too. This is one such condition as where your body is not able to come up with the production of enough amount of the nutrients.

List of Important Signs of Steatorrhea:

                  If you are into the conditions of this ailment, then you will be finding your stools as getting bulky. You will even find them as pale in color. As due to the presence of the extra gas content, you will tend to view them as floating.  It would be taking you into the timeline of the weight loss. Sometimes the cramping in the abdominal areas is also taken to be one of the major issues. Gas and the condition of indigestion is among some of the common signs of this condition.


Know How About Important Causes of Steatorrhea:

                            As you do get excessive fat in Steatorrhea you will be witnessing that your digestive system has not been able to come up with the proper breaking of the food.  It is even said out to be one of the forms of the inherited situation of the body that would be resulting in the sweat and also the mucus glands.

Another one of the major causes of this disease would be chronic pancreatitis. This is one such sort of condition where you will encounter the inflammation of the pancreas. It would be secreting the enzymes where it would be helping your body to digest the fats as well as proteins.

How to Treat Steatorrhea Easily?

          It would be first of all suggested that as you do notice the condition of steatorrhea in your body, then you should be getting into consulting with the doctor right now. Having the weight loss and facing the cramps is the first condition of this ailment. Qualitative and Quantitative are the two most common tests that are taken into account for the patient’s checkup.

The Qualitative test would be figuring out the measurement of the fat globules inside your body stools. On the normal level of the human body, it has to be less than 50 and less than 100 fatty acid fat globules.

In the category of the quantitative test, you will be collecting the stool sample as for the duration of about 2-4 days of the timescale, visit the website

The d-xylose form of test is another one of the most commonly taken tests. It is a kind of sugar test that would be used to measure the scale of D-Xylose inside your blood or even in your urine. When it comes to the treatment of steatorrhea by your own self-help then you really need to stay careful about your diet plan routine and your regular check up of the body.

We hope that this blog post would have given you with much of the information related to this disease and how its treatment process will be carried out. If you are facing some of the signs of it, then get in touch with your doctor right now!